Automatic Gates: Key Factors That May Help You Choose The Right Gate For Your Business

One factor that can derail the success of a business is the lack of proper security system. You can't just conduct your trade without a proper security system in place and hope that your business will prosper. And in that sense, you need to invest in an automatic gate to control access to your business premises. But choosing the right automatic gate is not a straightforward task because there are factors that can influence your choice such as space and the aesthetic purpose of the gate. Here are a few factors you may wish to keep in mind when choosing an automatic gate:

Opening And Closing Speed

If you are in need of a gate that takes a short amount of time to open or close, then go for bi-folding gates. These gates are made of two panels that are joined together by a hinge system. When the gate is activated, the panels fold back to give access. Bi-folding gates also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and its panels make it possible to incorporate your company logo; you can paint the logo on the panels or have some welding done to fix the log on the panels.

Space Used

If you require a gate that consumes less space and offer enough security at the same time, think of telescopic gates. When the gate is activated, the individual sections of the gate go over each other. The panels of a telescopic gate move at different speeds so that they can reach the final position simultaneously. Basically, these panels can adjust the opening width to half of the space when they are operating. For instance, if you have a four meter opening space and 2½ meters of run off area, a telescopic gate can slide behind the 2½ run off area and leave your four meters clear. With most standard gates, that may not be possible. And just like bi-folding gates, you can also paint telescopic gates with your company logo to add to their beauty.

Keep in mind, though, that due to their mode of operation, telescopic gates cannot be installed in a ground that is not even.

If, however, you have too much space, and you still require a high level of security, consider investing in swing gates. Their operation is just like that of your door at home; they are hinged on one side to allow for swinging and closing during operation. Swing gates can also be made of single or double leafs that travel at a 90 degree arc. Their mode of operation -- swinging in 90 degrees arc -- is what makes swing gates use too much space.

For more information on automatic gates, talk to a professional.