4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Remove Rust From Your Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Wrought iron pool fencing can easily begin to rust over time because of prolonged exposure to surrounding air and moisture. Rust compromises the integrity of the wrought iron material, while presenting an unsightly poolside appearance. You probably don't want to live with rusted wrought iron pool fencing, so follow these step-by-step guidelines for removing rust from it.

Use A Hard Bristled Brush Or Steel Wool To Remove Excess Rust From The Surface

Begin by tacking the excessive rust on the metal surface using a soft bristled brush or steel wool. This preliminary step will remove the bulky rust spots from the pool fencing surface. Keep in mind that you will need to exert a considerable amount of force to remove the as much rust as you possibly can from the surface.

Sand The Metal With Medium To Coarse Sandpaper

Once you have removed the excess rust on the wrought iron fence, you will need to sand it properly using coarse sandpaper to remove the remainder rust embedded in the surface. Coarse sandpaper is ideal because it has sufficient strength to break through the rust. Follow a circular motion when applying the sandpaper to your pool fencing. Remember to exert some pressure even with the sandpaper because you'll want to eliminate most of the rust from your wrought iron pool fence.

Saturate Residual Rust Stains With Vinegar

Once you have finished using coarse sandpaper, it's time to tackle any residual rust on the fence surface. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which makes it an excellent agent for breaking through rust, dirt and debris. The acetic acid works to dissolve the remainder surface rust. You simply need to saturate cloths with vinegar before wrapping them around all rust stained areas on your pool fence. Let these cloths sit for several minutes on the rust stains to let the vinegar dissolve the rust. If the rust hasn't dissolved, let the cloth sit on the rust stain for longer. The rust typically disintegrates and will be removed from the wrought iron surface.

Wipe Down With Damp Rag And Re-Paint The Fence

Once all the rust has been removed from your wrought iron pool fencing, you need to wipe down the surface using a damp rag. Let it dry for a while. Once it is completely dry, you can use paint to refurbish the look of your wrought iron pool fencing.

Rust can bring down the look of your wrought iron pool fencing. Follow these guidelines for removing rust and restoring the pristine look of your fence. For more information, contact companies like Standrite Australia Pty Ltd.