Swimming Pool Fencing: Why Go for Glass?

A swimming pool is a welcome feature in any home located in a region that experiences a hot climate for most part of the year: during hot summer days, you can spend quality time with your family cooling off in the pool section. But it is also known to many people that a swimming pool can pose a safety threat if it is not properly cordoned off. This explains why the demand for pool fencing has been on the rise, especially in recent times.

If you are shopping for an appropriate fence for your swimming pool, the following benefits are meant to induce you to opt for glass pool fencing.


The glass balustrades used to erect a fence around a pool are not the ordinary type of glass that can break easily. Instead, the balustrades are made of toughened glass, which is specially built extra strong to withstand most of the abuses that the pool fencing may be exposed to, e.g. being hit by a stray football, as well as harsh weather elements such as heavy storms. This way, you can expect long service life from your glass pool fencing.

Visual appeal

In terms of aesthetics, glass pool fencing looks incredibly wonderful. These fences come in a broad range of glass designs but what stands out the most regardless of the glass design selected is the fact that all designs have a stylish appeal that can greatly enhance the appearance of any pool and home.

What is more, the glass panels used to construct the fencing have glass lines that are virtually invisible, accentuating the visual appearance of the sparkly water in a pool.

Unobstructed view of the pool area

The see-through design of glass pool fencing makes it possible for you to have an unobstructed view of your pool even from inside your house. This is an attribute that you can't achieve with other pool fencing options available out there. 

In case an unsupervised child manages to access the pool area because someone forgot to close the pool gate, you can easily spot the child before the child can get involved in a drowning accident, for example.

Ease of maintenance

In terms of maintenance, a glass pool fence requires very little of your attention. You do not need to constantly repaint the fence so as to keep it looking nice. Regularly cleaning the glass with a sponge wipe and manufacturer recommended cleansers will ensure that any dirt or stains are easily removed. Occasionally hosing the fence with water from a high pressure washer is also a good idea.