How to Pull Wire Fencing Taut Without Special Equipment

If you are putting up a fence, one featuring simple posts and a roll of chicken or hog wire is the easiest and arguably the least expensive to install. However, you need to pull the wire as tightly as possible, or it will sag, making it look terrible and ineffective. As long as you have a car, a tractor or a ride-on lawnmower, you don't have to rent fence tightening equipment. Instead you can make your own. Here's what you need to do:

1. Make a frame to grasp the fence.

In order to pull the fence taut, you need a frame that you can attach to the fence. This is just a very simple design, and you can make a basic fence holder with two planks. Ideally, the need to be the same size, and they should be slightly taller than the fencing wire you want to pull. In addition, you also need three heavy duty nuts and bolts that are long enough to go through both pieces of wood.

2. Sandwich the wire between the planks.

To start this process, you should have all of your fence posts in place. Hook the hog or chicken wire to the first post as usual. Now, walk along the wire until you are about halfway between the first post and the second post. This is where you are going to attach your frame.

Have someone hold up the hog wire, and position one plank on either side of it. Line up the planks so that they are even and push them together so they are flush against each other. Now, bore the bolts through both planks, and tighten a nut on the end to hold them in place. Space the bolts so that they are evenly distributed over the planks, and tighten them as much as possible.

3. Chain the planks to a vehicle and pull.

Now, take a piece of chain -- ideally, you want chain designed for towing vehicles -- and loop it around the planks. The the closed end of the loop should face the fence post you have already used while the open side of the loop should be toward the next post in the row.

Attach the ends of the chain to your vehicle or tractor. Get in the driver's seat and drive the vehicle gently forward, pulling the fencing wire taut as you move along. Then, climb out of your vehicle, attach the fencing to the next post, remove the homemade frame, and move it to the next section of fence. Repeat this process until you have pulled the wire over all of your posts. 

For more information, contact a fencing contractor in your area.