How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Fence for Your Home

A fence around a residential swimming pool is often required by law; even if it's not, you want to think about how to protect children and pets from getting into the pool and keep out intruders and trespassers as well. This can be especially important if you travel often and are worried that people might be using your pool when you're not home. Note a few tips on choosing the right swimming pool fence for your home so you know you get one that will work for your needs.


Wood fences block the view of your pool and this can mean an added safety risk, since you cannot see if a child or someone else is around the pool area. They are also prone to damage from water and the chemicals in pools. Wrought iron fences allow for an unobstructed view but they too can corrode or rust over time, and you need to ensure you have them installed properly so that there is no risk of a child or pet, or even wildlife, getting stuck between the bars. Chain link can be affordable but it may look a bit drab and industrial. Glass is often a popular choice as it allows for an unobstructed view and doesn't clash with any other features of a property, including landscaping or even your home's outer building materials.


Considering how someone might scale your fence or get through the fence is very important; as said, chain link is very easy to climb. If you do opt for wrought iron bars, choose pointed finials at the top so they provide an added barrier to potential intruders. If you choose a glass fence, opt for the thickest glass you can afford so it cannot be easily broken by an intruder. A mesh fence might be removable; this is done so you can remove it or set aside panels when the pool is in use, but this also makes it easy for an intruder to simply pull back the panels and use your pool.


Don't overlook the aesthetics of a pool fence, as you don't want something that will detract from your property overall. A glass fence can be used for pools as well as for keeping animals out of a garden, so your pool fence can easily match your garden's fence. They are also often used as a railing around a deck or balcony, to keep the area open and bright. Choosing glass can help you coordinate your pool's fence to all other fencing materials around your property.