4 Essential Components for Creating a Victorian Garden

The perfect accompaniment to a beautiful home is a stylish front garden. It can be an excellent way to add kerb appeal and increase your property's value. Where front gardens were concerned, the Victorians did them so well. Whether you have a Victorian house, or you just love the Victorian style, this guide is for you. The following 4 components can be used to help you create a front garden that's truly impressive.

Lead People up Your Garden Path with Beautiful Victorian Style Tiles

There's nothing that says Victorian front garden quite like a beautiful tiled garden path. When choosing your tiles, think geometric patterns. If the tiles are well fitted and sealed properly, they'll stand up to all kinds of weather. You can be highly creative when it comes to style and colours, but make sure your tiles compliment your woodwork -- uniformity counts when creating this look

Lawns Like Lush Green Carpets Are a Victorian Garden Must

If you have room in your front garden, a lush lawn is a must have component. Not just any old grass will do, though -- the Victorians made an art out of growing beautiful lawns for their outdoor areas. Get yourself some grass and be prepared to get into the habit of regular mowing and weeding. Victorian lawns were pristine and well manicured, and anything less will simply not do.

Thinking Victoriana? Think Formal, Uniform Planting

When you think Victorian flowerbeds, think symmetry, neatness, balance and formality. You'll want to select planting of the same variety and colour that grows to the same height. Tidy is the keyword to remember when trying to achieve this look. This is not a style that will suit a lazy gardener -- you'll need to keep on top of the weeds and pruning. Don't fret if you don't want that much work; you can still achieve a Victorian look. Your flowerbeds don't actually have to contain flowers; box hedges can work well and are relatively easy to maintain.

Go Cast Iron with Your Victorian Garden Fencing

Victorians loved cast iron fences, and you'll want some in your front garden. If you want to save some money, opt for wood picket fences at the sides of your garden and hide them, as Victorians would, with shrubs and vines. If you opt for this solution, choose planting that is tidy and in keeping with the rest of your beds. The money you save can be spent on ornate iron fences and a beautiful gate for the front of your property where they will be seen.