Contemplating Cyclone Fencing? Here Are Options You Could Consider

Cyclone fencing is one of the most economical fencing as well as screening supplies that you could consider for your home. Also referred to as wire mesh, this type of material can be applied in a wide assortment of uses such as perimeter fencing, shelving in garden sheds, room dividers, pet enclosures and more. However, when you have a need for cyclone fencing, you do not simply go about and buy the first roll of wire mesh that you come across. You need to determine what the application is as this would guide you in finding the most appropriate type of wire mesh for it. Below are some of the different types of wire mesh that you can use in your home.

Woven wire mesh

This type of wire mesh is also referred to as wire cloth. This is because, when compared to the other wire mesh alternatives, woven wire mesh has the smallest openings. These small spaces between the wire make this type of wire mesh most suitable for use as screens on door and windows. You can also use this alternative on vents and other small spaces to keep out wandering pests from gaining access into your home. One of the main benefits of woven wire mesh is that as it keeps out the bugs and pests from your home, it still allows for air circulation. Thus ensuring that the ventilation in your residence will not be compromised.

Welded wire mesh

This type of wire mesh is what is most associated with cyclone fencing. It is made up of wires that have been welded together to create a diamond-spaced design. Welded wire mesh is best suited for heavy-duty applications such as perimeter fencing. If you would like the welded wire mesh to provide additional security to your residence, you should ensure that you opt heavier gauge metals. These may be more expensive but they are sturdier and would not be easily breached by unauthorised people.

Another thing to note with welded wire mesh is that it may be prudent to have the cyclone fencing galvanised. This is especially true if you live in a coastal area where there will be high moisture and salt content in the air. To persevere the structural integrity of the cyclone fencing, the galvanising will function to make it less susceptible to premature corrosion.

Knit wire mesh

This is also known as chicken wire mesh. As the name suggests, it is primarily used to enclose livestock. However, it can be integrated into various applications around the home such as garden gates when used in tandem with wood fencing.

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