Why You Should Consider Installing a Sliding Gate

One common type of gate a homeowner can install on their fence is a sliding gate. As opposed to the traditional swing gate that swings open, sliding gates open by sliding along the fence/wall via a rail. 

A sliding gate can get automated using a garage opener. If you are looking to install a sliding gate on for your property, here are the main advantages to expect. 

Sliding gates require a small operational space

As opposed to swinging gates that swing either inward or outward to open, sliding gates retract along the fence. Hence, the space required for a sliding gate to retract is small compared to the area designated for the swinging of a swing gate.

Hence, with a sliding gate, you save a lot of your property space. Additionally, the gate can get erected next to the road without having to worry about the gate interfering with motorists as they drive past.

Firmly secure

Sliding gates get fixed to the fence via horizontal rails at the top and the bottom of the gate. Hence, it is harder to open them forcefully, even by running a vehicle through them, as opposed to swinging gates whose hinges get fixed to each far end of the gate with the middle being vulnerable.

Additionally, automated swing gates eliminate the need to get out of your car when opening and closing the gates, thus minimizing your chances of getting mugged or carjacked.

Matching fence and gate height for privacy

For traditional swing gates, it is impractical to match the height of the fence and the gate for maximum privacy, because the gate tends to get too heavy for the swing functionality as a result of the additional height.

Nonetheless, sliding gates can be erected to match or exceed the height of the fence because they utilize many rails and wheels to bear the total weight of the gate as opposed to swinging gates whose weight has to be supported by a set of hinges on either side.

Sliding gates are applicable in any landscape

Whether there is a tree or your driveway slopes in such a way that prevents the use of a swing gate, a sliding gate will do just fine provided it can get retracted along the fence.

Additionally, unlike swing gates that get damaged by bumping against rocks or high ground along their swing area, you do not have to worry about sliding gates getting damaged because they have a dedicated sliding rail, and thus they never come into contact with obstacles such as stones.