Pros of Frameless Glass Fencing For Your Pool Area

Embarking on pool construction is something most Australian homeowners will invest in to make their property more functional, while also increasing its value. However, simply having a pool installed does not mark the end of your pool construction project. After the pool is complete, you have to contemplate fencing materials to ensure that your pool area is secure. Conventional fencing materials such as timber may seem like a cost-efficient option, but the reality is they would come with multiple drawbacks too. A contemporary option that you should consider is frameless glass fencing due to the following pros that it will afford you.

Frameless glass fencing is versatile

The first thing to note about frameless glass fencing is that it can be used in tandem with other materials to boost the appeal of the fencing. When installing frameless glass fencing, you should consider steel spigots to hold the panels of glass together. The shiny surface of the steel complements the glass and infuses a contemporary appeal to your pool area, making it appear modern.

Frameless glass fencing is sturdy

Some people may assume that glass fencing may not be ideal for the swimming pool as it is a fragile material. In reality, contemporary glass fencing is one of the strongest building supplies that you could choose. The fence is made from tempered glass, which is manufactured by heating it to extremely high temperatures then rapidly cooling the glass so that it hardens. This tempered glass is not only resistant to cracks and chips, but it has the inherent ability to withstand high impact. In the unlikely event that the tempered glass ends up breaking, it will disintegrate into large shards that you can easily collect. This breakage is unlike conventional glass that shatters and poses the risk of injuries to anybody nearby.

Frameless glass fencing is low maintenance

When you are making a decision on your pool fencing, maintenance is a crucial factor to consider. Since the fencing is outdoors, it is going to be exposed to dirt on a regular basis. Moreover, splashes from the pool would also increase the fences exposure to water. Materials such as timber would require constant maintenance in the form of painting and sealing to keep it from developing structural damage. Metal fencing, on the other hand, would require routine oiling to prevent corrosion. Glass fencing is not susceptible to any of these damages, making it the easiest to maintain in good condition.