Identifying Various Types of Chain Link Fences and Where to Use Them

There are different types of fences in the market and choosing one that suits your needs best can prove tasking. Whether you want a good fence to provide a barrier, security, or for perimeter definition, the choices can be overwhelming! You may have settled on chain mesh fencing due to their see-through capability. This being the case, there are still different types of chain mesh fences to consider. Here are various options of chain link mesh fences and how or when you should use them.

Standard Chain Link

These can either be made from galvanised steel mesh, chain link or woven metal. You can choose this based on your needs. You also need to choose the right height. The height can usually vary between four to twelve feet. Standard chain link fences can be used if you want to provide perimeter definition either temporary or permanent. Areas where you can use them include but not limited to walkways, parking lots, around building or facilities both small and large and also in restricted or unauthorised areas.

Good to note is that this type of fence will not offer 100% protection. It can easily be cut with bolt cutters, and if you go with a short height, an intruder can scale it easily.  To enhance security, you will need to get a higher height and frame the fence at the top, bottom and vertical points along its length. Framing will usually be done by adding braces/ rails.

Chain Link on Walls

These will have the same features and uses as the standard chain link fences above. However, they have some additional beneficial uses. They are mainly chain link fences added onto a partial barrier. They give your fence a stable footing and limit damage to the mesh.

This type of fence is more secure than the standard chain link fence. This is because it can withstand a vehicle crash if the wall/ barrier is made from concrete. It can, however, be expensive. This is because of the dual cost of the wall barrier and fence.

Temporary Chain Link on Barriers

This types of fences can be used during special events or when you need to create a buffer zone. You can also use this type of fence to control or direct foot or vehicle traffic. To use them effectively, place them on top of concrete or filled barriers. If you use filled barriers, make sure the fill is antifreeze. Sand water is also recommended.

Since some of these fences are used to control traffic, they are not installed high. Razor tape/wire is attached at the top to prevent individuals from scaling them.