Types of Pool Safety Fences: Their Unique Features Plus Pros and Cons

Without a doubt, swimming pools have become a must-have feature in many Australian homes, especially when summer comes along and your family needs a way to stay cool in the searing heat. However, the tragic reality is that swimming pools can quickly become drowning hazards for small children and pets if proper safety requirements are not met. 

The best way to keep your family safe is by installing a pool safety fence that also helps define your space. If you are new to pool fencing, here are a few options to help you decide the right fence for your home. 

Modern wooden pool fences 

Although not a popular pool fencing material, pool code–approved wooden fences have got some very strong qualities that you can take advantage of, as long as you are willing to carry our proper maintenance. Wood looks great in various settings and especially so in a nature-themed setting. This fencing material is also very ideal for both safety and privacy. 


• Easy customisation to suit your design preferences 

• Affordable compared to other fencing materials 

• A solid wooden fence will prevent kids from slipping between slats 


• Needs periodic upkeep 

• Will wrap, twist or rot overtime 

Aluminium pool fencing 

Aluminium has become one of the most popular pool fencing options around the world due to its pure class and stylish look. It is also a worthwhile alternative, especially on a sloped land, and it provides a beautiful addition to any yard. It provides you with many colour and texture options to match your overall design. 


• Costs much less compared to wrought iron 

• Durable and provides low-maintenance containment 

• Blends well into the landscape 

• Climb-resistant which is a great feature for a safety pool fencing material


• While it's great for security, this fencing option doesn't offer much privacy around the pool.

• Ideal for locations with moderate security needs 

Glass pool fencing  

Offering unmatched visibility, glass pool fencing provides the best option for a modern, trendy home. Nothing is quite as elegant or luxurious as the look a glass fencing provides. Whether frameless or semi-frameless glass, this fencing option offers a climb-resistant enclosure with an uninterrupted view, which means you can easily monitor your kids without necessarily being in the pool. 


• Uninterrupted view 

• Low maintenance 


• It's a relatively expensive alternative 

• Requires regular cleaning 

• Prone to scratches 

• Leaning on it can lead to cracks 

Consult with a fencing contractor about safety requirements in your area when installing a pool fencing.