Why Chain Wire Is The Option Of Choice For Most Commercial Fencing Contractors

If your business requires a new fence or barrier around the external border, then there are many options available to choose from. From heavy stone and concrete walls to more aesthetically pleasing timber panels, there is virtually an endless and ever-growing list of fencing choices. However, if you ask fencing contractors what their first choice would be, most of them would recommend chain wire for your commercial property. Here are a few reasons why chain wire is so highly regarded by fencing contractors and why you should consider it for your project. 

Easy To Install On Any Surface

Some fencing designs require an extremely level surface to be installed well. Some require deep foundations that restrict their installation on rocky ground. Chain wire has no such restrictions and can be found on hills, valleys, swampy ground and rocky terrain as well as every other environment you can imagine. While some surfaces no doubt take longer to install your chain wire on than others, the process for installing chain wire is much more streamlined and adaptable than other variants. If you have a particularly difficult area to complete a fencing job, chain wire may be the only feasible option.


Due to the well-treated materials and very solid construction, chain wire lasts for decades with minimal maintenance. The breezy design of chain wire means that it is not affected by strong winds and dust storms, while the coated metal wiring prevents corrosion and rusting. The poles that act as a support for the chain wire are also treated to withstand rain, hail or shine, and it is rare to see them dislodged or bent out of shape. Considering stone fences require continuous maintenance to stop mould and cracks on the surface and timber fencing can be beaten up and destroyed in more harsh environments, it is no surprise why fencing contractors use chain wire as much as possible.

Very Accessible 

Chain wire is one of the most widely available forms of fencing in Australia. It is used on everything from sporting fields to residential properties and even the huge outback farms that are bigger than some European countries. If you need a little or a lot, short or tall, coated or uncoated and any other specifications under the sun, your fencing contractors can have it within hours, not weeks. This is perfect for emergency fencing repairs and also for those that don't wish to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about a fence.