Benefits of PVC-Coated Chain Mesh Fencing for Commercial Tennis Courts

If you're operating commercial tennis courts, you need fencing that is practical and aesthetic. One option is black PVC-coated wire mesh. To discover the benefits of these barriers, consider the following.

Maintains the View

To entice people to play at your facility, you need to create an appealing environment so they have a good experience. Chain mesh fencing doesn't block the view, giving the courts an open feel while containing tennis balls. If you have a beautiful outlook across a park or natural environment, chain mesh will enhance this selling point of your business. Black PVC-coated mesh creates a smart appearance and suits most environments. Plus, players will be easily able to see the fence, which will minimize unnecessary accidents.


A tennis facility must have a secure barrier to protect the courts. You can get that with chain wire mesh. Contractors can build tall structures to restrain balls and deter intruders. Plus, you can select between different wire gauges that construct thinner and thicker mesh as required. The posts and top rail, which use metal piping, are also available in various diameters and wall thicknesses. This will enable you to construct tough barriers that deter breakthrough attempts and withstand wild and windy weather.


Fencing is outdoors in all conditions, so it needs to be resilient — as is chain mesh. The wires typically consist of galvanized steel, which is coated in zinc to prevent corrosion. PVC-covered mesh has added protection as the plastic outer-layer forms a barrier between the metal and corrosion-inducing moisture and oxygen. The powder-coating process that posts and top-rails undergo blankets them with a shielding polyester baked-on paint layer.

Keeps Out Pets and Wildlife

Chain mesh fencing will keep wildlife and pets off your carefully prepared tennis courts. These barriers don't have gaps that allow pets to spoil the surfaces. To keep out burrowing animals, you could bury the meshing into the ground. Thus, you'll be able to maintain a pristine surface to suit tennis professionals and those playing purely for fun.

Overall, black PVC-coated commercial chain link fencing is ideal for public tennis courts. It maintains an open view, creating a comfortable experience for players. As well, the black PVC gives a smart, professional appearance. You won't have to worry about your fence weathering, as chain wire mesh is durable and robust, keeping both human trespassers and animals off your beautifully maintained courts.

Talk to a commercial chain link fencing supplier for more information.