Benefits of an Aluminium Tubular Pool Fence

Rather than opting for a glass pool fence that looks stark, why not consider a classic aluminium tubular metal barrier? These structures let you customise and adapt them to your yard, and they can handle any environment. They let the refreshing breezes flow over the pool deck rather than creating a hot-house effect. Read on to discover the benefits of these fences explained more fully.

Colour Choices

Tubular metal fencing comes in various colours, giving you plentiful design choices. If the pool is surrounded by greenery, you could install a green barrier that blends with the landscape and is almost invisible. A green fence also harmonises with warm red or brown brick paving.

Or you can opt for charcoal railings that blend into an earthy environment. Dark grey also coordinates with timber decking for a rustic feel. However, if the paving is charcoal, you can contrast it against light grey or cream aluminium fencing. A cream pool fence will complement light-toned pavers and the blue pool water. With so many colour choices, you can create many different looks with this fencing.

Fence Styles

You can also pick between different styles for a tubular fence. For example, choose a simple design of vertical railings with a horizontal bar along the top. You could also go in the opposite direction and opt for railings with ornate scrolls and spearheads. These fences can mimic decorative wrought ironwork and give your backyard an artistic feel. You can customise these fences with a wide range of aesthetics, including modern and traditional homes.


Aluminium tubular metal fences are sturdy and can withstand the outdoor pool setting. This metal naturally resists rust, so the fence won't develop ugly brown corroded patches. The railings and posts are also covered in powder-coated paint, which doesn't chip easily because it's fused to the metal. Thus, the fence won't require regular repainting. All you'll need to do is use a hose to rinse the fence off every now and then.


Tubular metal fences also form safe barriers. Your contractor can build it at the correct pool height, which is covered by regulations. The railings on a pool fence are closely spaced to block children from squeezing through. A latched gate will secure the area. These fences also help as they let you see through them and watch over the pool area to ensure everyone is safe. Their open structure also has other benefits, such as creating a flowing feel around the pool.

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