Top 3 Reasons to Install Electric Fencing on Top of Your Existing Perimeter Wall

These days, there are a wide range of good security fences that you can install on your property to ensure maximum security. One of them is an electric fence. Generally speaking, however, a standard electric fence isn't designed to be used as a stand-alone perimeter fence. That explains why electric fencing on most residential, commercial and industrial properties across Australia isn't used alone but together with non-electric fencing.  One of the most popular methods of using electric fencing is to install the fencing on top of an existing perimeter wall. Read More 

Pros of Frameless Glass Fencing For Your Pool Area

Embarking on pool construction is something most Australian homeowners will invest in to make their property more functional, while also increasing its value. However, simply having a pool installed does not mark the end of your pool construction project. After the pool is complete, you have to contemplate fencing materials to ensure that your pool area is secure. Conventional fencing materials such as timber may seem like a cost-efficient option, but the reality is they would come with multiple drawbacks too. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Installing a Sliding Gate

One common type of gate a homeowner can install on their fence is a sliding gate. As opposed to the traditional swing gate that swings open, sliding gates open by sliding along the fence/wall via a rail.  A sliding gate can get automated using a garage opener. If you are looking to install a sliding gate on for your property, here are the main advantages to expect.  Sliding gates require a small operational space Read More