Considerations for Ordering Custom Trailers as a Fence Contractor

As a fence contractor, you probably already use a traditional trailer for any of your equipment that you need to haul to job sites. The problem with traditional trailers is that they can be too small or too large, depending on the project you are attempting to complete. This becomes an issue if you are a fencing contractor that deals with specific types of jobs where you need irregular sized trailers that fall somewhere between large and small traditional sizes. This leads you to request a custom trailer. Before you make this request, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Security Features

You may not think of security features when you think about a custom trailer. The truth is, custom trailer manufactures can create trailers that have security systems, such as cameras or alarms, to alert you and record any incidents of theft or attempted theft. You can have these cameras and alarms connected to your phone and to the local authorities. This is helpful in cases where you may leave your trailer parked in an open area, like a covered but open carport. This may also be helpful if you are working on a larger job site where you can't keep an eye on your trailer at all times.

Ramp Additions

Depending on the type of fencing jobs you handle, you may want to have ramps to make moving parts and equipment off your trailer easier. Though some trailers do have pre-installed ramps or temporary ramps, having a secured ramp that meets your needs could make things even easier. For example, if you move heavier equipment on and off the trailer throughout the day, you may want to have a secured ramp that is reinforced or has a higher weight limit than traditional pre-installed ramps. You may also want an automated gate open depending on your trailer size and needs.

Gate and Latch Options

Most trailers do have a form of gate pre-installed, but these gates may be low or may not be as secure as you would like. One of the things to consider with your custom trailer as a fence contractor is what type of gate you may need. For example, you may want a taller gate that gives you a fully enclosed trailer or a gate that has been reinforced. Reinforced gates can be custom made for your trailer in order to brace the impact of your supplies in equipment if you should be rear ended or have another type of auto collision.

These are just three considerations of ordering a custom trailer for a fence contractor. If you are ready to start your custom order, make sure to jot down any notes and measurements and take them to your order consultation.