Top 3 Reasons to Install Electric Fencing on Top of Your Existing Perimeter Wall

These days, there are a wide range of good security fences that you can install on your property to ensure maximum security. One of them is an electric fence. Generally speaking, however, a standard electric fence isn't designed to be used as a stand-alone perimeter fence. That explains why electric fencing on most residential, commercial and industrial properties across Australia isn't used alone but together with non-electric fencing. 

One of the most popular methods of using electric fencing is to install the fencing on top of an existing perimeter wall. Below are some points explaining why this installation mode works so well for many Australian property owners.

It's an effective physical barrier.

The primary function of any security fence is to keep intruders outside the protected area. The harder it is to breach a fence, the more security it has to offer. Electric fencing works by delivering electric shock to anyone who attempts to breach the physical barrier. The electric shock is delivered via strands of charged fence wire installed around the top of a perimeter wall. 

The fence wire is typically made of conducting material such as steel, aluminium or aluminium alloys. When correctly installed and earthed, an electric fence is an effective way to keep a property secure from intruders or unauthorised entry.

It's an effective mental deterrent.

Electric fences usually come with warning signs indicating that intruders will experience an electric shock if they attempt to climb over the electrically charged fence wire. These warnings are usually reflective so they can stay visible even at night. This serves as a psychological barrier to would-be intruders who may be scared to breach the fence due to the possibility of experiencing electric shock.

It's an effective early warning system. 

Another noteworthy benefit of an electric fence is that even if someone conquers their fears and attempts to climb over the fence, the alarm system to which the fence is connected will immediately go off, thus letting know you about the security breach. This way, you will be able to notify your security company that there is an intruder on your property. This can, in turn, aid in the arrest and prosecution of intruders.

While general requirements for electric fencing installation are available, electric fencing must be installed according to applicable municipal laws, so hire a local fencing contractor if you decide to install electric fence on top of your perimeter wall. You may want to discuss other fencing options with them as well.