Why Install a Bike Security Storage Cage in Your Car Park?

People often like to cycle to work to get some regular exercise, and you may find that an increasing number of your employees are coming to work this way. They cycle into work and then park their bikes up in your car park.

Your cyclists may have asked you to give them specialised storage. Some of them may have had bikes stolen from the car park already while others may just have expensive bikes that they want to protect.

One of the easiest ways to give your employees security storage is to have a cage built into part of the car park. How does this work and what are the benefits?

What Is a Bike Security Cage?

On a basic level, a bike security cage is an enclosed area. You basically fence off part of the car park with chain wire or metal fence to create a kind of box. Your employees can put their bikes in the cage and then lock it securely.

On a more advanced level, the storage cage is built around bike racks. These racks give each individual bike a parking point. Bike owners can then secure their bikes to the rack with cycle locks.

This gives them some added security. To steal a bike, a thief would have to break into the cage and then break the lock to take the bike.

What Are the Benefits of Bike Storage Cages?

Even if you have a security guard or CCTV cameras, bikes that are left out in the open in a car park are a target for theft. Experienced bike thieves can find windows of opportunity.

For example, a thief may wait till your guard takes a toilet break. They may spot blackspots on your camera coverage or cover their faces to avoid being identified.

If bikes are just propped up in the open, then it will take an experienced thief a matter of seconds to take the bike. Even if the bike is locked, they can cut through the lock quickly.

If you install a bike storage cage, then you add an extra step for a thief. They have to break into the cage to get to the bikes. They then have to deal with the locks. This may simply make the time window they have less feasible.

Adding a bike storage shed also builds employee goodwill. Putting a storage cage in your car park will keep your cycling employees a lot happier. They'll appreciate the fact that you are helping them protect their bikes.

To find out how a bike storage cage could fit into your car park, talk to local fencing specialists.