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Engineered Fencing Materials You Can Consider For Your Home

When it comes to fencing materials, popular options for homeowners are natural materials such as timber, stone and bamboo. However, if you are looking for contemporary design or simply would like fencing that will stand out, you could consider engineered fencing materials. These manmade materials not only enhance the curb appeal of your residence, but also come with their own set of advantages when it comes to constant exposure to the elements. Read More 

How to Pull Wire Fencing Taut Without Special Equipment

If you are putting up a fence, one featuring simple posts and a roll of chicken or hog wire is the easiest and arguably the least expensive to install. However, you need to pull the wire as tightly as possible, or it will sag, making it look terrible and ineffective. As long as you have a car, a tractor or a ride-on lawnmower, you don't have to rent fence tightening equipment. Read More 

Rabbit-Proof Your Fence and Gate With These Tips

Tired of Peter Rabbit and his kin snacking on the plants in your garden. Then, it may be time to reassess your fencing with rabbits in mind. Here are some tips to guide you: 1. Make sure your fence is high enough. If you have a low fence, rabbits may be jumping over it. There are range of different rabbit breeds in Australia, and they all have different abilities. However, the record for vertical rabbit jumps in Australia is 76 centimetres. Read More 

Swimming Pool Fencing: Why Go for Glass?

A swimming pool is a welcome feature in any home located in a region that experiences a hot climate for most part of the year: during hot summer days, you can spend quality time with your family cooling off in the pool section. But it is also known to many people that a swimming pool can pose a safety threat if it is not properly cordoned off. This explains why the demand for pool fencing has been on the rise, especially in recent times. Read More 

Aspects That Would Determine Your Choice of Commercial Fencing

As a business owner, one of the most important considerations to have is how secure your property is. However, when it comes to keeping your property secure, it is not simply about deterring burglars. You may need to demarcate a perimeter for your premises to deter trespassers. Perhaps you need to make the premises secure in terms of privacy. No matter your reason, before you make a decision on what type of materials would be best suited for your commercial fencing, you would first have to establish your main objective of having a fence. Read More