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Types of Pool Safety Fences: Their Unique Features Plus Pros and Cons

Without a doubt, swimming pools have become a must-have feature in many Australian homes, especially when summer comes along and your family needs a way to stay cool in the searing heat. However, the tragic reality is that swimming pools can quickly become drowning hazards for small children and pets if proper safety requirements are not met.  The best way to keep your family safe is by installing a pool safety fence that also helps define your space. Read More 

Why Install a Bike Security Storage Cage in Your Car Park?

People often like to cycle to work to get some regular exercise, and you may find that an increasing number of your employees are coming to work this way. They cycle into work and then park their bikes up in your car park. Your cyclists may have asked you to give them specialised storage. Some of them may have had bikes stolen from the car park already while others may just have expensive bikes that they want to protect. Read More 

Identifying Various Types of Chain Link Fences and Where to Use Them

There are different types of fences in the market and choosing one that suits your needs best can prove tasking. Whether you want a good fence to provide a barrier, security, or for perimeter definition, the choices can be overwhelming! You may have settled on chain mesh fencing due to their see-through capability. This being the case, there are still different types of chain mesh fences to consider. Here are various options of chain link mesh fences and how or when you should use them. Read More 

Top 3 Reasons to Install Electric Fencing on Top of Your Existing Perimeter Wall

These days, there are a wide range of good security fences that you can install on your property to ensure maximum security. One of them is an electric fence. Generally speaking, however, a standard electric fence isn't designed to be used as a stand-alone perimeter fence. That explains why electric fencing on most residential, commercial and industrial properties across Australia isn't used alone but together with non-electric fencing.  One of the most popular methods of using electric fencing is to install the fencing on top of an existing perimeter wall. Read More 

Pros of Frameless Glass Fencing For Your Pool Area

Embarking on pool construction is something most Australian homeowners will invest in to make their property more functional, while also increasing its value. However, simply having a pool installed does not mark the end of your pool construction project. After the pool is complete, you have to contemplate fencing materials to ensure that your pool area is secure. Conventional fencing materials such as timber may seem like a cost-efficient option, but the reality is they would come with multiple drawbacks too. Read More