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Why You Should Consider Installing a Sliding Gate

One common type of gate a homeowner can install on their fence is a sliding gate. As opposed to the traditional swing gate that swings open, sliding gates open by sliding along the fence/wall via a rail.  A sliding gate can get automated using a garage opener. If you are looking to install a sliding gate on for your property, here are the main advantages to expect.  Sliding gates require a small operational space Read More 

Contemplating Cyclone Fencing? Here Are Options You Could Consider

Cyclone fencing is one of the most economical fencing as well as screening supplies that you could consider for your home. Also referred to as wire mesh, this type of material can be applied in a wide assortment of uses such as perimeter fencing, shelving in garden sheds, room dividers, pet enclosures and more. However, when you have a need for cyclone fencing, you do not simply go about and buy the first roll of wire mesh that you come across. Read More 

Considerations for Ordering Custom Trailers as a Fence Contractor

As a fence contractor, you probably already use a traditional trailer for any of your equipment that you need to haul to job sites. The problem with traditional trailers is that they can be too small or too large, depending on the project you are attempting to complete. This becomes an issue if you are a fencing contractor that deals with specific types of jobs where you need irregular sized trailers that fall somewhere between large and small traditional sizes. Read More 

4 Essential Components for Creating a Victorian Garden

The perfect accompaniment to a beautiful home is a stylish front garden. It can be an excellent way to add kerb appeal and increase your property's value. Where front gardens were concerned, the Victorians did them so well. Whether you have a Victorian house, or you just love the Victorian style, this guide is for you. The following 4 components can be used to help you create a front garden that's truly impressive. Read More 

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Fence for Your Home

A fence around a residential swimming pool is often required by law; even if it's not, you want to think about how to protect children and pets from getting into the pool and keep out intruders and trespassers as well. This can be especially important if you travel often and are worried that people might be using your pool when you're not home. Note a few tips on choosing the right swimming pool fence for your home so you know you get one that will work for your needs. Read More